Shots , Rabies , Fixing
Pups get the:
1rst set of shots at 6 weeks old
2nd set comes at 8-9 weeks old at this time the pups are being prepped to get them ready to be
early fixing video
at this time we like for them to be from 3-5lb

Stitches or Glue:
2-3 weeks healing for the boys
3-4 weeks for the girls
you can have your vet or our vet take them out
if you have glue it goes away on its own

your options:
you can take the dogs home and have them fixed at your vet , if they do not make the weight
needed by us to fix them before going home. All dogs that are on pet contracts will leave
already fixed or on a notarized letter.

If the plan is to return to us for fixing. Our vet has given us a deal for our dogs to get fixed at
the CLUB RATE can run $300.00-$600.00 older dogs being at the higher end all shots and
teeth cleaning done.

You can either go to the vet on your own REMEMBER IF YOU DO NOT INFORM ME
THAT YOUR GOING he will charge you REG PRICE. We have had people walk in off the
street claiming to have a dogs to scam a cheaper fix. You MUST inform me of your
appointment so i can set up with Trisha to meet you Out in the Parking lot or front desk.

You can also drop off at our home night before day or day of surgery and Trisha will take the
dog to work with her at the vets in the morning. You can either go there to pick up or pick up
here later that day.

Responsibility of the breeder:
Is first shots and worming that's it.
Because the dog is with me all that time i am responsible to act like the owner and supply the
dogs with the due shots being 6weeks 8 weeks 6month Rabies, Revolution, Frontline,
HeartGaurd, dog leaves my house covered and i feel better that I did what I was supposed to
do as a owner and a good breeder. Once that pup or dog is out my door I am not responsible
for shots the owner is.

If you have any questions please email us:

Rescue animals: will only leave my home with updated shots and rabies shot and fixed.

When spay/neuter certificate is sent to me (copy) or faxed to us you will receive your
Registration  papers.