Early Spay And Neuter
want to buy your vet the best Christmas gift  in
the world, this is it
What ever Breed You May Have,
If it's A Pet fixing the animal will Keep the Animal Healthy and
   your house cleaner, Females Heats can be very messy, they run for about
   3-4 weeks, a female in heat can attract males from miles away to your
   home, strays may bring disease to your property putting your animals and
   family at risk of rabies and pests like fleas and ticks lets not even
   start on the vet bills that come with the disease treatment...
   Males That are not fixed tend to be dominant in the house, nippy with kids
   and when a male marks the house it isn't pee after a while it really
   smells, and is a real pain to get out of rugs and furniture.

   If you are buying a pet ask the breeder to have the animal fixed for you
   it is cheaper for them to do a litter than it is for you the customer to
   get one animal fixed.

   If your a breeder You Should Protect The Hard Years Of Work and insure
   Safer ways to make sure a new family keeps the promise of fixing the
   animal you just gave them, Then just having a contract that can be broken
   (now a days limited AKC papers doesn't mean a dog will not get registered
   there are Other registry groups out there that will take 10.00 and the dog
   and new litter can and will get registration, puppies can be sold without
   papers, some people don't care if a dog is registered or not, this animal
   can also be used for breeding programs with breeders that will not think
   twice about using other papers for the dog with papers.
   Out of 60 vets in my mass area most still do not know that animals can get
   fixed early, they are not aware of the new studies they have out there
   because of being so busy with so many animals out there this can be cut
   down with early fixing.

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Your vet should be to your pet what your family Dr is to
you. If he sucks give him the boot. A vet that takes the
time to mushy face with your pet is 110%
Every thing else is a pay check.
I don't think i want my family Dr to mushy face with me
but its great with my dogs LOLOL

Joking aside what happened to the love of the job?
Even with my old vet, had him for 13 years before he
retired it was like we where bothering him every time
we went for shots.

I want a vet who will tell me straight out what they think
not what they think i want to hear.
We Have all Puppies Fixed At 9-14 Weeks
of Age Before they go Home they come
home alert and happy.
Fixing early also helps with boys not lifting
legs to mark the house