NanukeShihTzu Home
Puppy will go home starting about 10 week old. Some times at
12 weeks of age. Each puppy is different. We make sure they
are a good weight, eating well, pooping well, mommy is done
nursing, Health of our baby's comes first.

if your adopting a pet there is no negotiations the dog will be
fixed before leaving . Please don't waste your time. We have
to many people thinking they can put a deposit on a dog and
DRAG out for 12 weeks playing the PET game then the day the
dog is to get picked up. play the welllllll just wanted one litter  
yell about losing the deposit.

We don't change prices for colors size or gender of puppy
everyone is the same. Only time price will change is older
pups, rescue, retired or breeding, or a C-section litter

All includes 3 sets of shots, microchip and microchip
registration paid for life, z
ymox ear cleaner, bag of food,
bowls, treats, toys, bows, blankie, brush, comb, peewee pads,
breed information, and some other goodies like Brisk&Bright,
Paul Mitchell Pet Or Pethead Grooming Products

If you have picked an already fixed baby Over 13 weeks of
Age they will have rabies shot another 1 or 2 sets of shots
we are now taking
ames for
next litters

added to the
waiting list
ONCE your name is on a puppy
Deposits are NOT Refundable.
Your deposit can be transferred to
another Litter as many times as you like
as long as there is puppies Available . If
you decide not to get a puppy at anytime
for any reason  there is
no refunds on your deposit.
if your planing on using us as stud or
wanting to buy a breeding dog
you will have to have the following
clean bill of health from your vet,
registrations, pedigrees, all our dogs are akc we do belong to a
few other clubs as well so feel free to ask about your
registration club. i will ask for pedigrees and see who and
where your dog came from. if your dog is a store bought dog
dont bother i will not breed to pet shop dogs or puppy mill

stud fee is pick of litter or 400.00 payment. if your new to the
club. payment of 400.00 must be paid in full up front with
agreement that we can buy a first pick for the stud fee.

to Buy a breeding dog out right is 3300.00.
buy with club rights 800.00-1600 full rights and you must sell to
us for the same price. Trades are also welcome with pedigree
Retired / Rescue
Your welcome to use my contracts for your clubs
change them to work for you. please change the logos
on them these where drawn by my sister cathy.
$300.00 pet
$700.00 pet
spay and neuter
Notarized Statement